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Why Is Car Audio Equipment So Expensive?

Can anyone tell me why mobile entertainment devices are so expensive? The stereo during my two-year old car eliminate a couple of weeks ago and i also happen to be quoted a cost of $1500 from my dealer for any replacement. Consequently, We've began to try to find mobile entertainment equipment online, that we can get and retrofit to my personal car and perhaps reduce your cost. However, most of the auto audio supplies online will also be extremely expensive.

car audio Austin

We have no issue spending money on quality products, but does a car stereo really cost $2000? I am also seeking to get a subwoofer and a couple additional speakers, however some from the prices listed seem very high. Does anyone see whether buying second-hand audio equipment for the vehicle is a great idea? We have viewed a couple of listings on eBay for car stereos and the price is a little more affordable, but obviously second-hand equipment will not come with any kind of guarantee, right? Also, can anyone recommend a fantastic car audio equipment supplier? Ideally We are seeking an online supplier, as I live in a province and prefer to travel much.

car audio Austin

Post by caraudiotx2a (2016-07-09 05:25)

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